The Truth About Freelancing- Debunking Common Myths

No wonder Freelancing has brought about a revolution in the world of make-money-online and work-from-home. Whether you’re a student, a homemaker, or anybody who wants to earn money online without investment from the comfort of your home, Freelancing is here for your rescue. But before you set your feet in the freelance world, there are certain things you need to be aware of- the truth about freelancing- the common myths vs. reality. In this article, we shall discuss it all.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Truth about Freelancing: Myth Vs. Reality

As someone who has worked as a freelancer across various platforms for quite some time, I’m here to tell you the truth- to debunk the common myths surrounding freelancing and uncover the realities behind them.

Myth 1: Freelancers Make Huge Income without working hard.

the truth about freelancing

Yes, freelancers do make a decent income, but it’s not as unpredictable as you might think. And moreover, they do not get paid for “doing nothing”. They are paid as per industry standards, even less sometimes. 

Freelancers work hard, sometimes even harder than traditional employees, to build their brand, meet deadlines, and make a living.

The myth that ‘freelancers work for fewer hours” is far from accurate. Freelancers work shorter or longer hours, depending on the work given to them, and get paid accordingly. But they get to enjoy some benefits- the flexibility of work hours and the workplace. 

Myth 2: Freelancers don’t have stability

For freelancers, stability isn’t about a regular paycheck; it’s about adaptability and a diversified client base. They have the ability to spread their risks across multiple clients and projects, providing a certain level of stability and a decent income.

Myth 3: Freelancers can’t grow in their careers

Freelancing actually drives your career forward. If you want to stay on par with other freelancers, you’ll have to stay updated with the latest skills and trends. So, freelancers are actually constantly updating and evolving in their careers. As they gain experience and form a solid client base, they increase their rates accordingly.

Myth 4: Freelancers Don’t Get Respect

the truth about freelancing

There’s this most common misconception out there in society that freelancers aren’t “real” professionals. Why? Because they don’t have a “real” 9-5 job. Let’s just get this straight! If freelancers aren’t real professionals, then who is? 

Freelancers are heroes in their specific skills; they know A-Z of their skills, and they are experienced- and that’s why they are earning money and being successful.

Myth 5: Freelancing is easy.

No, it’s not. Freelancing is not easy. Being a successful freelancer is not easy.

Freelancing is a journey filled with challenges. Freelancers need to be self-disciplined- they manage their time, finances and income themselves. They juggle client relationships, administrative tasks, and the responsibilities of running a business. The irregular income and uncertain workloads are extremely stressful. 

Furthermore, staying competitive in a constantly evolving market requires continuous skill development. While freelancing offers freedom, it’s not easy; it’s a demanding path that calls for dedication, struggle, and continuous competition.

Final Words

In the world of freelancing, myths often overshadow the realities, and it’s essential to be aware of the truth.

It’s true that freelancing offers incredible opportunities, but is not a shortcut to success. It demands determination, adaptability, and continuous learning. So, if you’re considering being a freelancer, prepare yourself for the initial failures, the continuous competition, the irregularities in income, the uncertain ups and downs, and, oftentimes, scams.


Is freelancing suitable for everyone?

Freelancing is suitable for those who are self-motivated, organized and possess marketable skills. It may not be the best fit for individuals who prefer the stability of traditional employment.

How can I manage my finances as a freelancer?

Keeping a budget, setting aside taxes, and having an emergency fund are essential financial management strategies for freelancers.

What steps can I take to ensure a successful freelancing career?

Consistent self-improvement, effective time management, and delivering high-quality work are key steps to building a successful freelancing career.

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