7 Best Job Sites for Graphic Designers (Full-time & Freelance)

Landing your dream design job can feel like cracking a secret code. You may have the skills, the passion, and maybe even a killer portfolio, but where do you begin the job hunt? If you are searching for your dream design job, whether full-time or freelance, we’ve got you covered. This article discusses the seven best job sites for graphic designers. 

Top 7 Job Sites for Graphic Designers

Listed below are the top 7 websites where you can find the best designing jobs. Whether you are a graphic designer, a freelance UI/UX expert, or any other design specialist, these websites can provide you with the most incredible design opportunities.

But before you start, keep in mind that designing is an ever-evolving career. Hence, you must keep improving your skills to stay ahead of the competition. To help yourself with this, you should take some of the best courses on UX/UI design or graphics design because the future will demand your skills.

1. Behance

Behance to find job opportunities for graphics design

Behance is your go-to platform for showcasing your design portfolio and hunting for design jobs. It’s like an online design museum where you can display your work in a visually appealing manner. Behance is a haven for full-time and freelance designers and attracts a diverse range of both employers and clients. 

It also has a creative community where you can interact with fellow designers and get inspiration for your next project. 

Pro Tips to Shine on Behance:

  • Craft compelling narratives: Don’t just showcase the final product; explain the process, inspiration, and challenges you faced.
  • Optimize for discoverability: Use relevant keywords and tags to help potential employers find you.
  • Collaborate with other creatives: Behance offers team project features so you can work in a collaborative environment.

2. Dribbble

Dribble to find graphics design jobs

Imagine a platform where your work speaks for itself. That’s Dribbble. It is a visually-driven network that allows you to showcase your designs through shots (or mini-portfolios). Besides, you can connect directly with potential clients and employers.

Whether you’re a graphics designer or a UX designer, Dribbble offers targeted project boards and direct messaging features. Here, you can not only share their work and insights but also communicate and collaborate with other creators.

Looking for a full-time design job? 

Dribbble’s “Job Board” boasts opportunities at renowned companies, so keep your eyes open. Dribbble also offers a “Hiring” feature, where companies actively looking for designers can connect with you. 

Dribbble Tips and Tricks:

  • Curate your shots wisely: Quality over quantity! Showcase your best work that aligns with your desired niche.
  • Engage with the community: Comment, like, and share the work of others. It’s not just about self-promotion – build relationships!
  • Utilize search filters: Target specific project types, skills, and locations to land gigs that fit your passion.

3. Upwork & Fiverr 

Upwork for graphics design jobs

If you prefer design freelancing, Upwork and Fiverr are your go-to marketplaces. These platforms connect you with a vast pool of clients seeking design services for everything from logo design to website development. 

While both offer incredible freelance opportunities, they cater to different styles. Upwork tends towards larger, more complex projects, while Fiverr focuses on micro-gigs and quick turnaround times.

Tips on making the best out of Upwork & Fiverr:

  • Create detailed profiles: Highlight your skills and experiences and showcase past projects with strong visuals.
  • Competitive pricing: Research your market and find a sweet spot that reflects your value while attracting clients. Do not set your rates too high or too low.
  • Write winning proposals: Write customized proposals for each project, understand what the client needs, and mention all important points in your proposal.

4. LinkedIn & AngelList

Linkedin to find jobs for graphics design

These two platforms aren’t just for IT professionals and startups; they’re also a job powerhouse for designers! 

LinkedIn allows you to build a professional online presence, connect with industry leaders, and access hidden job opportunities through employee referrals. On the other hand, AngelList focuses on early-stage startups and tech ventures. It’s ideal for designers seeking innovative, fast-paced environments.

find graphics design job opportunities in Angel list

Pro Networking Tips:

  • Optimize your profile: Make detailed profiles that showcase your skills and experience with keywords relevant to your design niche.
  • Engage with the community: Join relevant groups, participate in discussions, and share valuable insights to build your reputation.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out: Connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and fellow designers on LinkedIn or AngelList, even if there’s no immediate job opening. Building relationships can lead to unexpected opportunities.

5. We Work Remotely & The Design Kids

we work remotely for graphics design jobs

For those looking for well-paid remote design jobs, We Work Remotely, and The Design Kids can be your best buddies. 

the design kid for designing job

We Work Remotely consists of a massive database of full-time remote design jobs starting from big companies to new startups. The Design Kids, on the other hand, caters specifically to design students and young professionals, offering internship and entry-level opportunities.

Tips on landing the best remote jobs:

  • Highlight your skills and niche: Be specific to your niche. Do not apply to random jobs of different niches. Research and learn the top demanding skills to become more employable.
  • Network virtually: Attend online design conferences and workshops to connect with remote colleagues and potential employers.
  • Showcase your previous works and experiences: Make a detailed portfolio showcasing your works, projects, and experiences to increase your chances of getting hired.


In this article, you’ve seen the 7 best job sites for graphic designers. Whether you’re looking for full-time employment or freelance gigs, these platforms will open doors to exciting opportunities.

In the world of design, finding the perfect job is a journey, not a destination. Remember to showcase your best work, network with fellow designers, and stay persistent. Your dream design job is just a click away.


How do designers get hired?

Build a strong online portfolio, utilize design job boards, network professionally, and keep learning new skills.

How can I land my first design job?

Highlight your passion and skills in your portfolio, actively reach out to companies and designers, consider internships or entry-level positions, and don’t be afraid to apply for various opportunities.

What design skills are most in demand?

UX/UI design, content creation (graphic design & illustration), motion graphics (video editing & animation), and niche specializations are all seeing high demand.

How do I find freelance design work?

Utilize freelance platforms like Upwork & Fiverr, actively promote your work on social media, network with other designers and potential clients, and craft a professional portfolio website with strong proposals.

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