Google Search Update March 2024 (Brief Summary)

Google released its recent Core Update on March 5, 2024, regarding spamming, low-quality, and unoriginal content. This article briefly summarizes the Google Search Update for March 2024, highlighting its aims, key points to remember, and actions considered “spam.”


The Core Update, dated March 5, 2024, aims to:

  • To tackle spammy, low-quality, Al content.
  • To deliver high-quality, helpful content and connect people with useful/high-quality sites.
  • To improve the quality of Google search.

Key points to remember

According to the Google Search Update- March 2024,

1. The modified algorithm makes sure it ranks only valuable and original information on the web and reduces spammy AI-generated content.

2. The updated Spam policies are cracking down on unoriginal, low-quality content in searches. This includes expired websites that new owners have remodeled to publish low-quality, unoriginal information.

3. Google is now classifying webpages with unhelpful content, poor user experience, or those that seem designed for search engines rather than users as “spam.” This also includes sites that target only very specific search queries and will restrict them from ranking high in search results. 

4. Google shall direct more traffic to sites producing useful and original content.

Actions mentioned as “abuse” or “spam”

The following actions will be considered “spam” or “abuse,” and targeted action will be taken against them.

1. Scaled content abuse

  • Producing content at a scale to boost the site’s rankings in the search (whether using AI, humans, or a combination of both).
  • Sites that promise solutions or answers to specific popular queries but fail to provide helpful content.

2. Expired domain abuse:

  • Expired domains that are newly purchased and remodeled to boost traffic and search ranking will be considered spam.

3. Site reputation abuse:

  • Producing low-quality,  third-party content on a good site, primarily to boost the reputation and ranking of the third-party site (without the owner’s close supervision), will be considered spam.


Google’s March 2024 update aims to reduce/restrict spammy content in search results. This means users will get more useful and relevant results for their searches. The update mentions that spammy(AI-generated) content or remodeled expired domains mislead search engines. Google is now filtering out unoriginal, spammy, or unhelpful content from the search results, letting you focus on valuable content.


1. When was the last Google search update?

As of today, March 7, 2024, the last Google search update was on March 5, 2024. The core update outlined the restriction of “spammy” or “low-quality” content from ranking high in search results. 

2. How often are Google search results updated?

Google Search results updation is a constant process. Web crawlers continuously discover new content, which the algorithms then index and rank. This continuous process ensures that users get the most relevant search results possible.

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